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SeevaTrade has been rolled out by the Hollex Group to assist with their Commercial contracts for Aluminium Window & Glazed Façade packages.

Hollex have identified significant improvement during their first SeevaTrade project Bupa Sutherland, with improvements to productivity, compliance, Quality control and reporting.

With Bupa Sutherland nearing completion for Hollex, Seeva look forward to building on this relationship into the future

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The Hollex Group have been thrilled with the functionality of SeevaTrade and have extended their roll-out for the new Anglicare Liverpool Project, commencing early into 2020.

Hollex Group have continued to take advantage of the strong commercial and risk mitigation functionality of SeevaTrade and how much control has been gained at all levels within their business.

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Seeva launch their new Website, and with new solutions coming online the team is poised to explore exciting opportunities into 2020.

Seeva’s R & D have been powering forward on new solution and updated version of the Seeva System. With the new version 2.1 due to be released in late February early March the team is excited to show businesses their new way of doing things.

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